Drei Liter Landwein


Group Members

Akim Bartel (Voice, Violin, Bouzouki, Mandola)
Jens Boeck (Voice, Bagpipes, Shawms, Flutes, Jaw Harp)
Thomas Strauch (Kontrabass, Percussion)
Anne Schenker (Flutes, Shawms, Bagpipes)
Ursula Suchanek (Viola, Violin)

Project Website


Drei Liter Landwein – three litres of table wine. That name stands for a band that has played folk music from all over Europe for 25 years now. From Germany you travel via France to Ireland, but also Scandinavia and the Balkans are worth a musical visit. Songs from centuries long gone are combined with freshly composed melodies and dances. You can feel that the five musicians, with their quite varied musical backgrounds love to unite their ideas and melt them into a tasteful blend.